Why BookBlastPRO?


BookBlastPRO is composed of dedicated, experienced and results-oriented professionals.

Since it’s original inception in 2007, BookBlastPRO has already been a team of experienced, dynamic and results-oriented individuals who are passionately driven to innovate the world of publishing, marketing and online technology development.

BookBlastPRO is composed of dedicated, experienced and results-oriented professionals who aim for Publishing Innovation using timely strategies, online solutions and technologies. We specialize in delivering exceptional published materials, superior marketing strategies and meaningful activities that will significantly add to the author’s experience.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how you write your book. It’s how it’s published and marketed.

We build a strong and long-lasting relationship.

We believe that in order for us to have a good relationship with our clients, they need to trust us. To gain this trust:

  • We make regular communications.
  • We offer ideas and solutions that will address your publishing or marketing needs.
  • We do what we say. We take pride in keeping our promises.
  • We make you our number one priority.

How We Do It?

Open Communication is Our Culture.

In today’s fast-paced society, we at BookBlastPRO try our best to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. And we can only do this by having a transparent and open communication, so that collaboration of ideas, creating solutions and addressing concerns will never be missed out. We believe that communication leads to higher satisfaction levels, builds strong relationships and retains happy customers.

Thus, we encourage you to give prompt feedback on how we can assist you further.

You Own the Project.

Yes, you own 100% of your publishing or marketing projects and you have full control on how things will work for you. We will make sure that your book reflects you as a person and the genre that you are in. We will give you timely updates on the progress of your specific projects.

We Direct. We Advise.

Who doesn’t want a stress-free project?
Everyone does, right?
This is the reason why at BookBlastPRO we assign a specific Publishing or Marketing Specialist. This person is crucial as he will direct your publishing or marketing project accordingly, making sure all aspects of the project have balanced attention and are aligned with the scope, budget and timelines while maintaining a first-rate open communication in delivering exceptional quality services.

Mission statements



To be a world-renowned publishing company for different types of authors by providing customized and cost-effective publishing and marketing solutions that will result to our clients’ success.



BookBlastPRO’s professional team of experts’ mission is to fulfill the needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients by providing:

  • latest top-quality publishing strategies and innovative marketing techniques partnered with timely online technologies and solutions
  • economical yet efficient, competent and innovative publishing and marketing services
  • long-term and value-adding relationships with clients
  • exceptional customer service through reliable and open communication



Let your book do the talking!

We provide solutions. We give you great experience. We will get you global with our Marketing Services.

  • BookBlastPro is made up of experienced and results-oriented professionals that will give you a full blast of experience in publishing and marketing your book.
  • We believe that to effectively market your book, increase your experience and productivity, online technology is the best approach. With our marketing services, this will give our authors an extraordinary results.