I originally contracted with Bookblast Pro to market a book that I had published with a different company.  They actually contacted me.  Tom Marshall gave me a call and talked to me about marketing the book I had published.  What sold me was what Tom said that day, “ I promise you I will give your book 110% of my time and effort.”

Wow!  What more could you ask?  So I signed a contract and have never been sorry since.

Time has passed and I have published two books with Bookblast Pro and I just sent the manuscript for the third.  They have submitted news releases, created a website that is International, worked with me daily creating beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous illustrations for my subsequent books, all illustrations under Madison Campbell!

In September this year, I will attend my first book fair with me as the star!  All set up by Bookblast Pro.

I talk to either Tom (Sr. Marketing), Madison (Publishing Supervisor), or Sam (Marketing Coordinator), at least weekly.  All of them are incredibly interested in my success.

Give them a try.  You won’t be sorry at all!

Dr. Nanette Crighton, Author

My husband started my book process in January 2017 ( for a birthday surprise in May) by contacting Ray Adkins.  Ray put us in touch with Madison Campbell.  She has been very helpful and patience with two people in their 80's NOT computer friendly. It has been quite amazing how this book has taken off. I am very pleased to have had such professional help on your end to guide me. Looking forward to continued contact with Madison.  Thank you again.

Caroline M. Bassett    aka: "Mrs. B.", Author

I am so excited to be published by bookblastpro. They are a team of experts that genuinely care about my success. Thank you Brad, Edward, and Sam for your phone calls that have proven your keen interest in my project. You had everything in precise order and you made me feel very assured during the progression of the publication. The team has worked hard to bring my novel together in a beautiful and artistic format. I have no doubt that my novel will be flying into the hands of readers. God Bless You, Patricia Nichvolodoff

Patricia Nichvolodoff, Author

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you, Joe Sparks, Rachel Norman, and any other member of your team who I have not had the pleasure to come into contact with for the way i have been treated during the publication of my book ‘Pedro And The Magic Marbles”.

I can honestly say that in all my contacts with you or any of the aforementioned people, I was always made to feel as if I was the only person you were dealing with that day. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. If any of you said you would do something on a certain day then it was done on that day.

i hope we will continue to work together in the future.

David Worsdale , Author