What is BookBlastPRO?


BookBlastPRO is composed of dedicated, experienced and results-oriented professionals who aim for Publishing Innovation using timely strategies, online solutions and technologies. We specialize in delivering exceptional published materials, superior marketing strategies and meaningful activities that will significantly add to the author’s experience.

1. Why should I choose BookBlastPRO over other book publishers?

Since its original inception in 2007, BookBlastPRO has already been a team of experienced, dynamic and results-oriented individuals who are passionately driven to innovate the world of publishing, marketing and online technology development.

2. Do I still own the rights to my book if I publish with BookBlastPRO?

Yes. You still own the rights of your book but for whatever that has been created by the publisher remains with the publisher and cannot be used by a different publisher.

3. Can I publish my book with BookBlastPRO and another publisher, too?

Yes. Since you retain your rights to your book, you can always publish or anything else you wish to do with your materials with other publishing companies aside from BookBlastPRO.

4. How much does it cost to publish with BookBlastPRO?

BookBlastPRO offers various publishing packages and marketing services to our very dedicated authors which they can choose that best suits for them in meeting their goals. With BookBlastPRO, our authors will get to have a one of a kind experience in their life.

5. Can I publish a non-English book with BookBlastPRO?

BookBlastPRO can cater both English and Spanish books only, unless it is republication. NO editing services will be given for other language books under republication.

6. Can BookBlastPRO publish my book if I live outside of the United States?

Yes. Authors all over the world can publish with BookBlastPRO.

7. Who is my assigned publishing or marketing consultant? How can I find their contact information?

We have designated publishing and marketing consultant for you, just call us at (888) 504-0951. Please call us and we will gladly assist you.

8. How can I get in touch with BookBlastPRO if I have questions that are not in the FAQ database?

You can always contact our customer support team through our Contact Us page or by phone at (888) 504-0951.

1. What is content evaluation?

Content evaluation is the process in which BookBlastPRO assesses your manuscript to ensure that it will meet the standards for our publishing. We review manuscripts and materials for copyright, libel and content that contains sex and/ or drug paraphernalia.

2. Why does my book undergo a content evaluation?

This is to assure and maintain a standard of publishing for our authors' works. Also, this is to identify areas in the authors' manuscript that could potentially put them at copyright and/or libel risks.

3. How long is the content evaluation process?

The time duration for the content evaluation may depend on the length and the subject matter of the authors' book, as well as the number of other manuscripts we have queued for evaluation.

4. What do you look for during content evaluation?

Copyright infringement, underage sexual content, possible libelous statements, and should have at least 75% original content.

5. What are BookBlastPRO’s content guidelines?

Copyright infringement, underage sexual content, possible libelous statements, and should have at least 75% original content.

6. What is the difference between U.S. Copyright protected and U.S. Copyright registered?

U.S. Copyright protection is secured upon finishing your work and it also provides you the right to stop another person from using your work without your permission. U.S. registration is secured when your material is officially registered with the U.S. government. Having your material officially registered with the U.S. Copyright office allows you to take legal actions if someone will use your work illegally.

7. How can I tell if content is U.S. Copyright protected?

In most cases, any material, picture, text, information or anything that you did not personally create is a U.S. Copyright protected by the person who created and published the said material.

8. Does citing the source of material clear me of U.S. Copyright infringement?

In most cases, any material, picture, text, information or anything that you did not personally create is a U.S. Copyright protected by the person who created and published the said material.

9. How do I obtain permission and what do I do with it?

In order for you to obtain permission, you can directly contact the original U.S. Copyright holder and explain what work you wish to use and what is your purpose having the material. For you to not be liable in a lawsuit you must request and obtain written permission from the copyright holder to use the material.

Manuscript Formatting


1. Should I include my cover in the manuscript?

No. The cover will be designed separately from the body of the manuscript.


2. How should I set up my title page within the manuscript?





1. What is an ISBN?

"ISBN" stands for "International Standard Book Number." It is a unique, 13-digit number assigned to each book published internationally. The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify a title or edition of that title from a specific publisher. This allows for a more efficient mode of marketing and purchasing for retailers, libraries, universities, distributors and individual consumers.

2. Do the numbers in an ISBN have any meaning?

Yes, the numbers are specific to and identify four things: 1) Group identifier code, which groups nations and countries geographically that often shares the same language, 2) Specific publisher identifier, 3) Title or specific edition of the title identifier, and 4) Check number, which proves that the ISBN is authentic.


3. Can I use an ISBN that I previously purchased for my manuscript?

No. The ISBN is specific to the publisher. If you have an ISBN for your manuscript, it is still valid for the manuscript in an unpublished form; however, once the book is published through BookBlastPRO, it will need a new ISBN.

4. How can I obtain the ISBN for my BookBlastPRO published book?

It will be placed inside the copyright page. We will register the book’s ISBN for you.

Bookstore Returnability Kit (BRK)


1. What does Bookstore Returnability Kit do for me?

The Bookstore Returnability Kit will ensure you that if there are books that are not sold; the retailers can return the book for a complete refund. This will be listed as "Returnable" on the ordering system for retailers and libraries. BookBlastPRO has formulated the Bookstore Returnability Kit to help your book meet the industry retail standards and provide the opportunity to be more competitive in the marketplace.

2. If my book is stocked, will I retain royalties for unsold copies that are returned?

Absolutely yes, you will not be charged back for the royalties earned on the sales to the store if your books are returned.

3. When will my book be listed as returnable?

The process to make a book fully returnable takes 30 to 45 days. The beginning of your coverage only begins when it is listed as returnable. This process will only begin once your book is available for sale.

4. How do the bookstores know where to return the unsold books?

Booksellers will return the unsold books to the wholesaler from whom they made the purchase.

5. What happens to the books when they are returned?

The books will be sent from the store retailer.

6. Can BookBlastPRO ensure booksellers will stock my books?

The Bookstore Returnability Kit will help you reach out common retailer standards in stocking a certain book, but, it does not guarantee that it will be stocked or ordered. You need to know that the Bookstores are business also, it is their prerogative as to what books to order and what to display on their shelves.

Book Production


1. What is a standard page for data entry?

The cost for the data entry is $2.50 per page for typewritten or scanned and $4.00 for handwritten based on a standard letter sized page typed in a standard 12 pt. font.

2. May I supply my own cover?

Absolutely. If you have already designed a cover for your book, we will gladly adopt your design.

Pricing & Royalty


1. Will I be paid a royalty even if I live outside the United States?


2. Can I change the price of my book later?


3. How am I paid for my royalties?

We will send you a check through the mail.

4. When am I paid royalties? When do quarters start and end?

We pay every quarter or every 3 months.

5. How long does it take to receive payment?

That depends on when the book is launched in the market.

6. Can my royalty check be split between a co-author and myself?

No, it should be sent to the name of author registered in the system.

1. How does BookBlastPRO promote my book?

BookBlastPRO offers a wide range of promotional services to our authors, including Press Release, Internet-based Marketing, Book Reviews, Book Videos and other Book Marketing Programs that best suits the author's choice.

2. Are BookBlastPRO marketing services mandatory?

Absolutely not. But, if you want your book to sell, you need to have an effective marketing plan. There is no right or wrong way to market your book, each manuscript needs to have a different approach in marketing it to fully optimize your book sales. BookBlastPRO offers a wide range of marketing services in order for the author to reach out their target audience. Also, BookBlastPRO will act as the author's personal marketing firm to foster interest, awareness, and ultimately in book sales.

3. When should I start marketing my book?

YOU CAN START MARKETING YOUR BOOK RIGHT NOW! There is no early or late in marketing your book. The important thing is that you will able to answer the answer the question "Who will buy my book and Why?" The answer to that question will be the foundation of your future marketing plan and will give you your starting point. BookBlastPRO will be with you from scratch going beyond.

4. How will I know if my marketing plan worked?

As soon as your marketing plan is in place, we will be sending you a fulfillment reports with all the details of your publicity efforts.

5. How does an Add-On list work?

BookBlastPRO offers a variety of book publishing packages that best suits you. We include everything that you need to publish you book. The Add-On services will give you flexibility and give you even more great experience in publishing your book. You have to simply choose the package that fits for you, and if you would like to add more features which are not included in your publishing package that you have choose, you can select them from our Add-Ons list. We also have a great experienced publishing consultant for you to answer all of your questions and will provide you a free assistance to help you choose the package and services that is right for you.

6. Can I get involved in large marketing events, such as trade shows and conventions?

Yes. You can get involved in large events such as book fairs and book trade shows, conventions and conference, and even book festivals by doing a research about the upcoming events and you can contact their organizers personally. You should make sure that you have all the details you need before attending the event. Also, you should know who will be your target audience and if you are able to reach them. Once you have fully researched on the event, you will be able to make a decision whether to or not get to attend to the said event.