Book Video

People love videos and videos get results.
Did you know that products are more likely to sell if you create videos for them?


Most successful authors have book videos that tease readers.

Book videos help bridge the gap and entice more people to the beauty, substance, and transformative power of books.

The importance of a book video is that it draws on the interconnectivity of today’s world, where readers can view the video online before reading the actual book. On the other hand, book videos also make a considerable presentation tool, helping independent authors make an impactful pitch and find a traditional publisher.

A book video plays a vital role and increases a potential reader’s awareness of a title and thus makes him or her more likely to purchase it. It provides a more immersive experience for a potential reader who has seen the book online, so they can get a more multimedia sense of what the book is about.

As one guru says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video is worth a thousand copies sold.”